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The teachers are amazing people and I will forever be thankful for my trip! Photographer or not, attend Field Trip! You won't regret it!

— Alica T

Jeremy + Ashley   this is an invitation to a sacred space . its an invitation to a mixed grill of human sensory experience . to sit as kin and ask who are we ? and what do we do while we’re still here ? maybe we love because we lose . we die because we live . we are here because someday we won’t be . come experience the questions with us - of life, death, and why it’s always so hard to find a cell phone charger .
Jon Lorentz has always combined his creative expression with his passion for education, training and development. As the Lead Trainer for Canon USA, Jon educates and inspires others through his "edutaining" approach to learning. And with a  Who's Who  of clients including Disney, Apple, Major League Soccer's LA Galaxy and Volcom Women's, Jon is a leading resource for all levels of creatives, whether an aspiring photographer or a working professional.